FrontLobby Case Study Overview

FrontLobby is a Property Tech SaaS company that provides solutions for landlords and property managers. They had already built successful Google Ads campaigns prior to signing with InterTeam.

However, they wanted to delegate their ad work to a professional agency but needed to trust that their success would be maintained and encountered challenges in maintaining performance while scaling

InterTeam’s primary objective was to optimize FrontLobby’s campaigns and streamline the sales life-cycle to drive better results.

Results Snapshot

After partnering with the agency and implementing strategic solutions, FrontLobby achieved the following results:

  • A higher-than-ever number of premium upgrades in January and February.

  • A 50% reduction in the sales life-cycle, from 4 weeks to 2 weeks.

  • Increased performance and ROI by targeting specific audiences and leveraging successful elements.

  • Enhanced ad relevance and visibility by retargeting searchers on different networks.

  • Improved cost efficiency by allocating resources to areas with proven success.

  • Enhanced confidence in scaling their ad campaigns lead to increasing their ad budget for larger campaigns.

The Problem

Front Lobby faced the challenge of maintaining an effective Google Ads campaign while scaling up its operations.

Additionally, they encountered problems managing the long sales life-cycle (typically 2-4 weeks) from lead generation to premium upgrade.

The sales life cycle’s staggered data made it challenging to measure the immediate effectiveness of tests and optimize their campaigns.

Mistakes were made, and confidence in the overall strategy started to wane.

Challenge #1: Identifying and Preserving Effective Strategies

To address the challenge of maintaining effective strategies while scaling, InterTeam conducted an extensive analysis of FrontLobby's previous six months' data.

The analysis aimed to identify high performing:

  • Audiences

  • Keywords

  • Ads

  • Extensions

  • Copy elements


By employing a highly analytical approach, our agency was able to conduct an audit that revealed valuable insights previously unnoticed.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, we focused on reallocating ad spend from underperforming areas to those with proven success.

Campaigns were relaunched to specifically target searchers with tailored ads on different networks.
This allowed FrontLobby to maintain a strong presence in front of its target audience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Challenge #2: Optimizing the Sales Life Cycle

FrontLobby's long sales life cycle made it difficult to measure the immediate effectiveness of tests and optimize their campaigns.

To address this challenge, InterTeam shifted the optimization focus from conversions alone to conversion value per cost.


Our approach involved optimizing campaigns for return on ad spend (ROAS) rather than solely focusing on the number of conversions.

By prioritizing leads with a higher likelihood of conversion and higher value, FrontLobby could streamline the sales process and accelerate the conversion timeline.

Result - Best Premium Upgrade Month of All Time and 50% Reduced Sales Life Cycle

Data-driven optimizations led to improved ROI and cost efficiency, maximizing the effectiveness of FrontLobby's ad budget.

FrontLobby was very happy to achieve a significant improvement in premium upgrades, setting new records for January and February.

The sales life-cycle was reduced by 50%, from 4 weeks to 2 weeks, with the implementation of the new optimization strategy. This reduction in the sales life-cycle allowed for faster conversions and increased efficiency in the overall sales process.

Additionally, FrontLobby's work with InterTeam has allowed them to enjoy improved confidence in their ability to scale and handle larger campaigns.

FrontLobby's Present and Future

Front Lobby's new reduced sales life-cycle brings opportunities for ad campaign optimization and scalability that they didn't have previously.

They now feel more secure in increasing their ad budget for larger campaigns, knowing that they have a solid strategy in place to drive results.

Currently, FrontLobby experiences faster lead conversions and increased efficiency in the sales process.

If your business is encountering challenges in scaling advertising efforts, InterTeam can provide the necessary expertise and support.

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