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B2B Content Marketing Hacks

Cole Furrh

Founder of InterTeam
& PPC Expert
September 10, 2022
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Content marketing gets people clicking on your real estate listings and positions you as an authority in your field.

Here are a couple of unique content ideas that will get people visiting your real estate website. (Spoiler alert: some are so easy you'll wish you started sooner.) Save your energy and your money by trying these out.

Talk to well-known influencers and experts for your blog

People want to hear from renowned home designers, investors and industry experts. Interviewing these people puts you in front of these huge audiences, too. Once the interview is posted, ask the interviewee to share it with their followers. Reaching their broader audience saves you the effort of promoting and cuts down on ad spend.

Get into guest writing

Once you build some strong relationships, you can invite your contacts to guest write for your blog. As experts, they surely have lots to say.

Make it easy on both of you, though: give them detailed guidelines of what specific things you want them to touch on. Provide them with length/language specs and don’t forget to mention a few optimized keywords they should include. (Keywords = impressions!)

Boom, you have a fresh piece of content to promote that you didn't even write.

So now you're feeling like doing a bit of writing? Great.

Offer to write for fellow brokers' and agents' blogs.

Get them to write guest blogs for you too. Now you're both benefiting from each other's audiences. This back-and-forth guest writing works well with peers from close-by markets. You'll probably garner a few new leads for your area too!

Email your prospect a sample. If the blog likes your stuff and agrees to collaborate, keep your article topical and make sure you have a unique take. Relevance and a hot take or two are bound to get your new audience listening and clicking on your site. Sharing their blog post will also bring you traffic from that site's followers.

Now YOU could be the guest speaker.

You're familiar with the real estate blog interview process - why not reach out to real estate publications you follow? Tell them how you could contribute. There are so many local and even national blogs that could surely use insight from a professional like yourself.

Journalists always need a go-to quote, too. If you're well-spoken, you'll hear from them again and again – free PR! So keep some go-to quotes for different subjects. If your insights are bang on, people will hang on!

But you can't always rely on the outside world for your content.

Share your real estate agents' best posts – weekly.

If you have a few bloggers on staff, give their best ones a share. Include your thoughts and a little synopsis, and that's curation! Reposting a regularly curated blog series is a great way to also praise your fellow staff, promote them on your site, and of course, publish content without really writing anything. It seems too easy!

But don't forget - You can repost yourself too!

‍Repurposing your content is a classic hack for ensuring your content doesn't just waste away in the recesses of your site. Share your articles on your social media and as an email drip. You can schedule your social media posts to share your repurposed content automatically.

Make the most out of repurposing.

  • The easiest thing you can do is refurbish old content with new info. Keep the template and graphics the same, and plug updated stats. Boom! New post.  
  • You can create a "greatest hits" ebook. Organize your blogs by topic, and each topic can be a chapter. An eBook is a fantastic piece of content for a consumer to see you have, let alone use. Companies will be impressed.
  • Youtube and TikTok - These are outside-the-box for some realtors. Video takes a little more work, but it's a great way to repurpose content. Your blog is now your script. I hope you remembered your lines!

There’s no right or wrong way to start your content marketing journey. But remember, staying on top of it is the best way to see more interest in your business. Luckily you’re now full of content ideas to get you started!

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