Case Study: Google Ads for B2B Web Design

B2B Google Ads Case Study book cover for B2B Web Design Agency client titled, "How We Increased Conversion Rate from 2-15% in Google Ads for Premium Web Design Client"

Neon Rain Case Study - Outperforming
the top B2B Advertising Agency

InterTeam Marketing increased Neon Rain Interactive's landing page conversions from 2% to 15.69%.

We filtered out low-end design traffic and then qualified leads at a high cost-per-click ($25 minimum) with a relatively low budget.




Landing page conversions



Client Background

Neon Rain Interactive is a web design service that had previously worked with one of the biggest B2B paid ad agencies in the US for three years without success.

Specifically, the company faced challenges filtering out low-end design traffic and qualifying leads due to the high product starting price of $10,000.

Despite initial reluctance to invest in ads, Neon Rain eventually turned to InterTeam Marketing for help, impressed with our attention to detail at all stages of the marketing funnel, and our track record for success.

We initially recommended a monthly ad spend of $10,000.

However, having been burned by unsuccessful ad campaigns for so long, and because of additional circumstances, Neon Rain was able to commit only 50% of the recommended budget.

Results Snapshot 

InterTeam Marketing's approach not only led to a significant increase in landing page conversions but the following results were achieved as well:

  • Segmentation was improved by targeting local campaigns in the Denver area segmented by different phrases.

  • Keyword quality was improved by eliminating low-quality keywords that were taking up budget from the high-quality ones.

  • Demographic targeting was improved by identifying the target audience.

  • The use of audiences was optimized, which led to better results than competitor campaigns.

Challenge #1 – Products Start at $10K+

The client's web design products started at $10,000, which made lead qualification a challenge.

High price points make it necessary (and difficult) to filter out traffic looking for low-end design, which was not the target market.

The client needed to generate qualified leads that could afford the high price point of their products.


By employing a highly analytical approach, our agency was able to conduct an audit that revealed valuable insights previously unnoticed.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, we focused on reallocating ad spend from underperforming areas to those with proven success.

To enhance ad relevance and visibility, we implemented a retargeting strategy.

Campaigns were relaunched to specifically target searchers with tailored ads on different networks.

This allowed FrontLobby to maintain a strong presence in front of its target audience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

The InterTeam Approach

InterTeam tackled the challenge of qualifying leads by focusing on further defining the ideal target audience.

We specifically optimized demographic targeting to find people who were more likely to be interested in the client's high-end web design products.

Next, we segmented campaigns by different phrases, which helped to attract the right audience from relatively small geographic areas.

Challenge #2 – Filtering Out Unqualified Advertising Traffic

We were attracting more of the right audience, but we still had unqualified traffic keeping ad costs high.

Neon Rain needed to attract only an audience that could afford its high-end web design products.

InterTeam's B2B Advertising Strategy

InterTeam addressed this by optimizing keyword quality. We did this by eliminating low-quality keywords that were taking up the budget from the high-quality ones.

This worked to filter out traffic looking for low-end design and allow us to reallocate funds toward ad optimization.

Challenge #3 – High CPC and Low Budget

Another significant challenge faced by Neon Rain Interactive was qualifying leads at an extremely high cost-per-click (CPC) rate.

With CPC rates averaging $25 and the company's relatively low budget of half the recommended amount, our resources and normal methodology for qualifying leads to generate a meaningful conversion were restricted.

The InterTeam Approach

To address this issue, we needed to develop a comprehensive keyword strategy that laser-focused on high-quality and highly specific keywords.

We also improved their audience targeting, which helped to reduce the CPC rate by ensuring that only qualified leads were seeing the ads.

Last, we optimized and A/B tested web copy to ensure a killer landing page that aligned with the ad copy and provided a seamless user experience.

Result – Neon Rain Reached %15.69 in Landing Page Conversions Within 2 Months

Through their partnership with us, Neon Rain Interactive was able to increase their landing page conversion rate from 2% to 15.69%.

Our overall strategy involved implementing a localized campaign strategy, improving audience targeting, developing a comprehensive keyword strategy, and rigorously testing and optimizing the landing page.

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