Case Study: Facebook & Google Ads for Luxury Real Estate

Case Study image for One London Road, a client of InterTeam, a Top real estate advertising agency for paid search & paid social advertising.

One London Road Case Study - 500+ Qualified Leads for less than 30 CPL

Client Background

Our client, One London Road, developed luxury condominiums with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats in London's suburbs.

However, the units received minimal interest after being listed on the market during preconstruction.

Additionally, the client needed a marketing infrastructure, requiring us to create exposure and generate high-intent leads quickly.

Results Snapshot

  • Search Ad Clickthrough Rate: 13.2% (Industry Average: 2.47%)

  • Search Ad Conversion Rate: 4.68% (Industry Average: 3.71%)

  • Overall Cost per Lead (CPL): £24.21 (Industry Average: £101)

  • Total Leads Generated: 234

  • Booked Viewings: 131

  • Cost per Booked Viewing: £24.91

Our Approach

InterTeam developed campaign infrastructure and content for Google and Facebook ads, targeting various audiences. Our multi-modal ad strategy on Google included search, display, discovery, and video ads through YouTube. Facebook allowed us to efficiently target high-intent audiences with the lowest possible cost.

Advertising Strategy

To generate leads within a tight monthly budget of £2,000, we created copy-optimized landing pages for the development and each unit type.

We also developed an Investor Guide to attract potential investors. Engaging image and video creatives were produced to educate potential leads about One London Road.

Results From July Through September

From July through September, our campaign successfully generated three quality leads per day at less than £25 per lead.
The clickthrough and conversion rates for the search ads exceeded industry averages, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.
In total, we generated 234 leads, and 131 booked viewings, indicating a strong level of interest from potential buyers.
The overall CPL of £24.21 was significantly lower than the industry average of £101.

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