Case Study: Bing & Google Ads  for B2B Senior Living Software

B2B SaaS Case Study book cover for B2B SaaS Senior Living client titled, "10x Qualified Leads on Google & Bing"

InTouchLink Case Study - 10Xing Qualified Leads While Cutting CPL by 50%

Client Background

InTouchLink specializes in providing business operations SaaS solutions for senior living communities.

Their services include digital signage for senior living homes, activity calendars, menus templates, senior activity tracking, senior community tv software, remote monitoring, and other services designed to enhance the senior living experience. Overall, their services streamline aspects such as communication, organization, and engagement.

As a B2B SaaS provider, InTouchLink brings a comprehensive suite of services that are highly specific to the needs of senior living communities.

The Problem: Low-Quality Leads and No Accountability

The previous advertising agency was bringing in an abundance of low-converting, irrelevant, or otherwise unqualified leads.

When they questioned their previous agency, there was little explanation as to why. This lack of accountability suggested that the past agency was simply not putting in the necessary effort.

We at InterTeam found InTouchLink through cold email outreach. Our focus on "qualified leads" and reducing "low-quality clicks" stood out. They wanted a higher quality B2B marketing strategy for targeting senior and assisted living communities.

Upon our initial analysis, it was discovered that approximately 50% of targeted keywords were set to "broad match."

As in most cases we encounter, this resulted in a high number of low-quality leads being generated.

The resulting problem was that costly searches were being made for queries like "senior living homes," which are unrelated to InTouchLink as a senior living management platform.

Results Snapshot

  • Implemented 3 new landing pages

  • 50% reduction in cost per lead (CPL)

  • Identified and added over 1,000 negative keywords to optimize advertising campaigns, improving targeting and performance

  • Launched Microsoft, or Bing, ad and Google ad campaigns to expand reach and maximize results

  • Implemented a complex automated CRM attribution system using Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry and improving lead management

  • Integrated to cache and store lead information for future use, enhancing system efficiency

  • 10X the number of qualified leads from 5-6 per month to over 50

Challenge #1: Underperforming Website and Outdated Keyword Strategy

InTouchLink posed a unique service and set of challenges. During the first few months of the project, we were seeing lackluster results. Progress and performance wasn't near where we wanted it to be. We hadn't yet figured out an effective B2B SaaS marketing strategy for targeting senior living home employees.

After the initial stages, we discovered that progress was being limited by the client's website. This prompted us to pause our current focus targeting the ad campaign, and shift to that of InTouchLink's template for an activity calendar, which was being employed as a lead magnet.

We realized that many users than expected were interested in accessing the lead magnet. The problem was that the lead magnet wasn't actually available.

In addition to the missing lead magnet, we needed to deal with irrelevant keywords drawing clicks, such as "senior living homes," "assisted living homes," and many more.

It became apparent that there was an overwhelming abundance of variations in how people talked about and searched for senior living homes. Our keyword strategy needed to adapt accordingly.

Solution: Over 1,000 Negative Keywords and a Redesigned Services Page

From the start, we outperformed the previous agency in the number and quality of leads. We were getting high quality senior living and assisted living community leads consistently through Google ads and Bing ads campaigns. Our campaigns targeted more specific service keywords like "digital signage for senior living."

We also added over 1,000 negative keywords, excluding any search terms that contained the words "sales" or "marketing." These greatly reduced ad cost and limited the influx of unqualified leads.

However, in terms of bringing in new customers to improve revenue, results were middling at best.

We shifted focus away from the ad campaign and created 3 new landing pages. The first of which was a redesigned and conversion-optimized service page.

After the landing page went live, several additional changes were made that greatly improved lead quality and targeting.

We implemented high-intent targeting, ensuring that only the most qualified leads were being reached.

Additionally, we dropped terms like "assisted living" that were highly competitive and had low conversion rates.

Continued fine-tuning of selected keywords took place, eventually resulting in a 50% decrease in CPL

Challenge #2: Retargeted Leads Weren’t Converting

Another issue was with retargeting. Conversion rates for retargeted traffic were low as people weren't ready to book a demo.

One reason was because of the aggressive nature of the ask and the relatively long form that needed to be filled out.

The audience already had access to a 5-minute demo, which might have contributed to their hesitation.

Solution: A 2nd Landing Page and a Shorter Lead Capture Form

We were able to convince InTouchLink to let us build a second landing page that invited senior living community leads to "Book a demo."

On this page, users were able to fill out a much smaller form to gain access to the demo video. This allowed for a seamless transition from the initial interaction to a more in-depth demonstration of their services.

It also helped to streamline the lead generation process and capture valuable contact information for follow-up and nurture leads.

Challenge #3: Leads Were Being Lost to Dead Clicks

During the analysis of their analytics, we utilized Microsoft Clarity, which is a heat-mapping software that InterTeam uses for all of our clients. This software provides us with valuable insights into how users interact with websites through recorded sessions.

One of our findings from Microsoft Clarity was an alarming number of dead clicks. These are clicks that lead nowhere due to broken buttons or links.

It was discovered that approximately 25% of the recorded sessions had at least one dead click.

Specifically, 2 of the pages that used to serve as lead magnets, namely the activity calendar page was identified as the primary culprit. This meant an alarming number of users who were interested in taking the next step were being lost as potential customers.

Solution: Redirect Traffic to Landing Page #3

To address the dead clicks issue, we created a 3rd leading page for the activity calendar template, since it was a lead magnet that drew considerable traffic. We then redirected everyone who visited the dead click page to the new landing page to recover high-intent traffic.

In the first month alone, we generated 15 new leads specifically for the activity calendar template, without any ad spend.

These leads were of very high quality, entering in professional email addresses for senior living homes. Each of these leads had the potential to generate deals ranging from a minimum of $1,000 up to six figures.

Result: From 5 to 53 Qualified Leads per Month, 50% Reduced CPL, and Automated Salesforce Reporting Setup

InTouchLink brought about the biggest month-over-month improvement in performance of a single account that InterTeam has seen to date.

This improvement was evidenced by a significant increase in qualified leads. These were generated through various channels such as lead form submissions from booking demos, activity calendar templates, and demo video form submissions.

As compared with InTouchLink's previous outsourced agency, We at InterTeam delivered a remarkable 10X increase in qualified leads generated.

Not only did the number of leads increase, but CPL was also reduced by 50% due to the inclusion of over 1,000 negative keywords and the targeting of more specific high-intent queries.

Before working with InterTeam, InTouchLink generated 5 or 6 leads per month. In the summer of 2023, the leads increased to 10-15 per month.

By September, the breakdown of leads by source was as follows:

  • Google Ads = 13

  • Bing Ads = 15

  • Activity Calendar = 14

  • Total Monthly Leads Generated = 42

Moving into October, the trend of increasing leads continued to yield the following results:

  • Google Ads = 32

  • Bing Ads = 12

  • Activity Calendar = 9

  • Total Monthly Leads Generated = 53

Also worth mentioning, although we cannot take full credit for this, InTouchLink cited that they had their best month ever as reportedly having earned $3 million in October.

InterTeam is proud to share such impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of a holistic strategy approach that resulted in a positive impact on lead generation and overall company performance.

Another notable discovery through our investigative approach was that Bing produced shockingly good results compared to Google. While the actual number of leads generated was comparable, the cost per click (CPC) was significantly lower, with Bing's CPC being half as high as Google's ($5 instead of $10).

This insight not only provided InTouchLink with great results but also helped them reduce their ad spend for future campaigns.

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